CIM understands that our success hinges on the highest level of motivation and collaborative effort from our team. We also believe that self-starters thrive and contribute most valuably when backed by a supportive team of colleagues - a philosophy to which the success and rapid growth of our company testifies.

Our professional responsibility begins with dedication to upholding the standard for integrity and ethics. Open, honest, and transparent communication is an integral component of our commitment to promoting trust and respect among our employees, partners, and co-investors.

We recognize that innovation requires a wide range of perspectives, which is why we seek diversity in our teams. Our teams work collaboratively to promote our organization as well as supporting individual personal advancement.

Through a process of goal-setting and performance evaluation, all members of our team identify his or her individual ambitions so that the organization can support the achievement of those goals. We believe that maximum productivity is achieved only after acknowledging, developing, and rewarding performance.

CIM's flat organizational structure provides an accessible forum for interaction and creative dialogue.


CIM's Culture:
  • Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Diversity
  • Professional Development
  • Open Communication
CIM Group® cultivates an entrepreneurial, diverse work environment that rewards motivation, creativity, and integrity.

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