Utilizing our in-house expertise, we strive to create value through each project, ultimately benefitting communities across the Americas.

What sets us apart? We believe the answer is trifold: our team’s extensive in-house expertise, our commitment to enhancing communities and our disciplined approach.



Our diverse in-house team consists of individuals who contribute wide-ranging expertise to execute projects from start to finish.

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Our projects provide goods, services and employment that support the success of communities in the United States and around the world.

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Our disciplined approach extends to the projects we underwrite, acquire, improve and manage in communities large and small.

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“We get up each day with a desire to deliver the best for our stakeholders and the communities in which we work."

About Us

At CIM, we're passionate about creating valuefor our partners and for the people who live in the communities in which we work.

$30.2 Billion

Total Assets1

More than $60 Billion

of Projects Since 19942

CIM Facts

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Our Global Partners

Our offerings across the risk-return spectrum include opportunities for both institutions and individuals.




  • Public and corporate pensions

  • Sovereign wealth funds

  • Insurance companies

  • Wirehouses

  • Individual shareholders


CIM is a mission-driven and value-oriented firm. Our mission is to be the premier partner for investors in, and users of, real assets serving communities. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating attractive real asset opportunities to own, operate and lend in the communities in which we invest over a long-term horizon.
  • Building, improving and/or managing assets to add value to individual projects and local communities.
  • Conducting our business in the most efficient and flexible manner possible for the benefit of our stakeholders.
Enhancing Community

Our Values


We listen authentically to others, and believe that a diverse range of perspectives and opinions helps CIM identify value in its assets.


We manage our responsibilities with a strong ethical foundation and a culture of accountability.


We roll up our sleeves together on a daily basis, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and a “can do” attitude.

CIM Timeline

Since 1994, CIM has created value for our partners, co-investors and the communities in which we work.

CIM Group Timeline

Data as of 3/31/19.

Securities distributed by affiliate broker-dealer: CCO Capital, LLC, member: FINRA / SIPC

1) Assets Owned and Operated (AOO) represents the aggregate assets owned and operated by CIM on behalf of partners (including where CIM contributes alongside for its own account) and co-investors, whether or not CIM has discretion, in each case without duplication. AOO also includes the $0.3 billion of AOO attributable to CIM Compass Latin America (CCLA), which is 50% owned and jointly operated by CIM.

Book Value for each investment generally represents the investment’s book value as reflected in the applicable fund’s unaudited financial statements as of the Report Date prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles on a fair value basis. These book values generally represent the asset’s third-party appraised value as of the Report Date, but in the case of CIM’s net-lease strategy, book values generally represent undepreciated cost (as reflected in SEC-filed financial statements).

2) Represents the total gross value of the properties acquired by CIM on behalf of various investment programs, including real estate and infrastructure, and includes $22 billion of CIM net-lease REIT investments.