We believe we’re changing the world for the better by improving the environment and enhancing the lives of people in communities across the Americas.

We are passionate about establishing dynamic districts and public gathering places and owning and operating essential real estate and infrastructure. These assets support community needs and provide resources such as renewable energy and waste recycling services. We also become an integral part of the communities in which we work, supporting local organizations and contributing to the local economy.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Council

At CIM, we maintain a focus on nurturing, expanding and promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our working lives. We firmly believe that our diverse backgrounds and points of view enable us to function collaboratively and make a positive difference in communities.

Comprised of employees representing a variety of departments, seniorities, backgrounds and experiences, our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council focuses on employee education, engagement and reporting as well as community outreach.

The D&I Council plays a crucial role in CIM’s effort to encourage employees to honor and celebrate diversity in relationships with each other and all those we serve.

Learn more about our stance on diversity and inclusion below.

CIMPact - Serving our communities together.


Since 1994, CIM has worked to enhance communities and create value for our stakeholders. CIMpact is another illustration of our ongoing commitment to enhance communities and improve the lives of those who live there. CIMpact supports, encourages and offers corporate and employee-led voluntary community service activities on both local and national levels.

We believe in making a positive impact in the world and elevating the lives of people in our communities.

CIMpact - Serving Our Communities

CIMpact coordinates grassroots initiatives and partners with a wide range of non-profit organizations, including supporting underprivileged families, environmental initiatives and education.

Underprivileged Families — We are dedicated to improving the economic and social conditions of families in-need in our communities.

Environment — We practice and encourage responsible stewardship of resources and are committed to supporting organizations that have high standards of environmental impact.

Education — We support organizations that invest in the growth and development of those living in our communities.


Local Community Support

Local Community Support

The teams at our projects around the country steadily give back to their communities. Those working in our offices, residential buildings, retail assets, solar projects, waste recycling facilities and other assets contribute to community outreach. Programs include donating time and resources to local shelters and food banks, organizing toy and clothing drives and participating in charitable fundraising activities.

Earth Day Activities

To help reduce the environmental impacts of the buildings we manage, our Onsite Property Management team facilitates Earth Day activities every year. Examples of such programs include community clean-up events, donation drives benefitting local charities and waste reduction challenges.

ESG Programs

We support and encourage responsible stewardship of resources through sustainability efforts, analyzing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria throughout each property’s lifecycle.

Our Impact

ESG Commitment

We are committed to incorporating high ESG standards into our business strategies and day-to-day operations. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our real assets while enhancing communities across the Americas.

Our ESG policy was created to formalize and expand on our continued commitment to incorporate ESG best practices and act in the best interests of our partners, shareholders and co-investors.


LEED Certification

LEED Certification

We are proud to have LEED certified buildings in communities across the Americas. The locations include offices, retail spaces, multifamily residences and more. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating program which operates under the umbrella of the U.S. Green Building Council.

We continuously strive to improve sustainability in our operating systems and other building aspects across our portfolio.

A few examples of our LEED certified buildings include Trellis House in Washington, D.C., 432 Park in New York City and Two California Plaza in downtown Los Angeles.


COIN Qualification

COIN Qualification

A subset of our infrastructure projects was recognized for sustainability by the California Organized Investment Network (COIN), a division of the California Department of Insurance. The COIN program supports safe, sound and solvent investments that offer an acceptable financial return and provide tangible social and environmental benefits to underserved communities.

This qualification resulted from our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions through our assets to increase energy and resource efficiency, and to create safe, healthy and productive workplaces.



Our key sustainability initiatives include:

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

We are a proud member of the PRI, a United Nations-supported international network of investor signatories that work together to understand the investment implications of ESG factors.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

We use the GRESB assessment as a tool to address our ESG practices and to measure the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at our assets.

Energy Star
Energy Star and LEED Programs

We are a voluntary partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star® Program. Whenever possible, we strive to achieve Energy Star® and LEED green building ratings at our properties.

Sustainability Task Force

We maintain an internal Sustainability Task Force to steer the direction of our sustainability initiatives, partnering with tenants and local communities to implement sustainability practices.  

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